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Effective real-time Advertising

For months he had been an Old Spice ad in USA where is he argued for advertising in real-time with a high impact on the market of this company. Initially seemed an advertisement "simpatico" but is this still one of the biggest viral campaigns in social media.

The initiative began when the agency that manages the campaign came up with invite people to ask a question to the Old Spice man through different social networks, and this recorded a video answers personalized.

To make these video responses and try to publish more in time real, the agency uses a system to monitor the comments and choose those most interesting (especially of famous and influential people) and burn at that same moment video response that will be uploaded to his youtube channel.

Today their videos are about 100 million reproductions and has come to overcome other viral phenomena.

Because of social media today in day advertisers, increasingly, may change your campaigns giving them more space for creativity and in real time, but above all on the basis of the performance of the campaign. Even be can launch hundreds of alternative items to these creatives can customize according to the hearings.

According to a research of Maxifier, United States advertising agencies optimized their marketing campaigns with a frequency similar to the direct response campaigns, while in United Kingdom the frequency would be lower. That Yes, now seems that the optimization in real-time is only available to a small group of advertisers that are capable of recognizing interactions of their campaigns with consumers in real-time.

According to the expert, when it faces a campaign online, it is necessary to optimize, i.e., make modifications and tests to improve their quality and performance with a same investment. "Optimization implies control daily budgets and costs, manage them strategically, measure and correctly guide ads to attract relevant consumer and also to achieve greater visibility and a better return on investment".

Understand customer
Companies should not underestimate the power of data from customers who already own. History of transactions and conversations with customers support provide a solid foundation for marketing initiatives in real time. Software vendors can also provide information on the status of the homes of customers, income, recent purchases, and the determining factors for the behavior will help to create a more personal shopping experience.
 Effective real-time Advertising 

The data available in real time from an organization, systematics, and customer - dialogue perspective may also be taken into consideration, especially for reorientation of the customer initiatives. Imagine a scenario where a client browses the products online, adds something to the basket, but not to make a purchase. The majority of sellers who want to know what happened and to be possible, to reconnect the client.

Consider the possibility of reorientation of initiatives that will serve that client with an advertisement or offer optimized via email (or during the visit of the next Web person). This new selection can be optimized through the use of percentages of clicks or other traceable measurements.

Pay attention to social conversations

The talks are increasingly the fabric of campaigns. When a campaign becomes to foot, it isn't simply passing along. Something is added: that is personalized, enriched and given life.

We like to think that the talks as spontaneous. However, in marketing they need to nourish itself.

Ogilvy & Mather recently launched a campaign of Johnnie Walker in China. The campaign was launched by Han Han, China's number one blogger. He broached the subject of great topicality of the new generation of Chinese now of age, often called the "generation of rubber" due to their elders think they are soft and lacking in ambition and drive. They have started the conversation by asking a simple question, "Do we have a dream?"

This led to "The inspiration of the project": more than 100 bloggers participated in the debate, a documentary film project was launched to represent the stories of 12 influential people in China, and the debate was presented in two interviews of China programs main.

The campaign was a sudden success: there were more than 20 million visits by content, more bloggers participated in any other campaign in China, and more than 2,000 pieces of media content is generated, resulting in more than 44 million dollars the value of media. All this led to a 20 percent rise in the brand metrics over a period of six weeks.

This was not a spontaneous outburst. Ogilvy carefully nurtured country contagion. The Agency assembled a team of editors from the community who met every night and identified new topics or conversations. The content of interest was published on the blog in the not to be missed, and ensured the dialogue will remain current. It is estimated that two-thirds of the effects of this campaign came from the active management campaign that would have simply not happened if we had launched and went.

Structure of the campaign
A properly structured campaign will allow you to get more clicks or leads for the same or lower investment. To achieve this, it must be both in the network of search (search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)., as in the content network (a network of partner sites includes those where users spend their time, from YouTube, sites with content several, until niche blogs).

On the one hand, the search network allows you to capitalize on the demand, i.e. be present when a user is doing a search, and on the other, the content network can generate demand, with ads that appear when a user is not doing a specific search, but when it is on the Internet reading the newspaper, watching content on any site of interest or watching a video. It is last is most useful if you is launching a new product to the market, to begin to position it and generate interest and brand awareness.

Create attractive and effective ads
All announcement aims to attract consumers, that is why the importance that effective. Make sure that the text of the announcement is relevant, i.e., be related to products or services that you sell and with the words people search on the web will allow that potential customers will find it quick and easy.

Include specific aspects of their business that they generate added value, as for example offers and promotions, will differ it from the rest of its competitors and will be a reason for their choice.

Finally, include a "call to action" in the ads is a good opportunity to persuade them that they visit their website or contact with your business. An example might be to invite you to subscribe to receive a newsletter, sign up to receive a free product sample or to win a significant discount.
Effective real-time Advertising 

Include negative keywords
Just as it is important to know what public want to get, it is also important to determine what do not want it to do. Included in the list of key words, negative words, allows you to exclude traffic that is not relevant to your ad and business, and thus be able to spend on the campaign potential customers and profitable users.

For example, if you have a library and only sells new books, you should include in the list of negative words to "used", so that your ad appears when a user is searching for "used books".

They are actions carried out by users on my site and that are relevant to my business. A conversion can be a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter, a visit to a web page or a chance of sale, among others.

Campaigns marketing online, unlike campaigns in traditional media, allow to measure these relevant actions to assess the effectiveness of the ads, improve them instantly and feedback the rest of the campaign.

Through conversions you may know what amount of people registered on your site, what amount of sales achieved either, what announcement is being more effective. Measure results and draw conclusions is essential to improve the campaign at the time and achieve the goal of business in the short term.
Effective real-time Advertising