Companies do not update their pages  on Facebook                                 traffic news duiih

Companies do not update their pages  on Facebook

It is not easy to be a company in social networks. Many of them try to appear nearby but end up being spammers or boring. Others directly down the arms and try to not get close to not commit error, but meanwhile more and more internet is filled with talks from speakers throughout the day of the brands and products that love or hate.

Facebook is a medium, and similar to as it would with the television or the newspaper, we must place it within our plan of communication or marketing; Therefore you must have a defined objective, and the strategies and tactics that will be used. The reality is that few entrepreneurs have enough time to plan at depth and written what will do with your business.

The use of a Facebook page should justify that we will have rapprochement with our public target and that willbring us in our brand positioning and sales.

According to an independent investigation of 1.7 million pages of Facebook, classified by business and personal brands and interest groups, reveals that 82% of the company Facebook brand pages item to less than 5 messages per month update - huge underutilising the platform and does not comply with the total commitment of the fans. The research carried out by is believed to be most important analysis increasingly independent of Facebook pages.
Companies do not update their pages

The research confirmed that companies are not to optimize participation and interaction of the fan, the lack of familiarity of the basic platform and fan / page analysis.

Some data on the use of the network reveals the following:
Politicians obtained the highest scores in all categories.
Also published more than 2 updates per day on average and also get more attention on their pages
Personal brands have qualifications more high compared to the other pages of business.

82% of all Facebook pages have less than 5 messages per month
Pages of local businesses an average of 15 messages per month, the lowest of all categories.
Personal pages of brand have messages of 180% more than business pages.
Pages of business made the lowest number of messages initiated by the user.
Personal pages of brand have 3 times the number of messages generated by the user in their pages.
Local firms not involved in 94% of the talks in its pages.
91% of talks on business pages are left unattended.
Spa pages get the highest score in the participation of the fan with only messages.

8 Million marks, from automakers to rock bands, are present in the web pages of Facebook. Knowledgeable market brands are turning to their Facebook audience to obtain reactions instantly, looking for ideas for the design of new products and seeking views on how to market better. It is a great tool to expand knowledge of trademark within your target market.
Companies do not update their pages

How to use you social networking in business

Message and usefulness: Facebook provides the necessary tools to enable companies to easily create a communicative environment where interact with your users and measure their results. There is no brake operating to build a web forum, for example.

Demographics: It seems that social networks are still being used by the younger, but the truth is that you there is a "graying" population with growth higher in the range of 25-34 and over 34 years. The income level is medium-high in general and without going into more detail seems a very interesting segment for many products and services.

Conversation: Marks, companies involved in Facebook are forced to talk, to use as the conversation tool and the relationship occurs with users. In this closed environment rules mark the users, people, unwilling to listen to the singing of traditional advertising. Freshness and honest relationships.

One of the fundamental differences in and manage their presence on FB a big company and an enterprising as your first gun a whole strategy, instead small businesses rush to build their fan page because they see others do or is the comment in the media. The same thing that happened 10 years ago (and still going today to a lesser extent) when people threw to your webpage online without any objective in mind, just because I had heard that "it had to be on Internet".

And although of course you do not have the same budget as a big company, that does not mean that you can not put your neurons to work and put together a plan. The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with FB and the fan pages; that way you can think that you can wear them goals.

How to convert his faithful fans into customers who pay!
Here are some additional tips to monetize Facebook:

The central proposal of value of Facebook is to connect and communicate with friends. Although word of mouth or means "cattle" can help brands get fans on Facebook, they have limitations. Companies also have to consider the use of paid advertising to develop its Facebook fan base.

Create attractive content. The simplicity of the button "I like" means that there may not be a real involvement beyond the fleeting moment of a click. To succeed at this stage post "I like" Facebook, companies marketing they will encourage their fan base with compelling messages, interactions that promote a sense of community and rewards for their continued support.

Of people a reason to become a fan. The applications are a good way for a company to have close interactions with the fans. Everyone wants the newest application, and can put it on your page so that they download. The process of sharing will increase their awareness of business and will offer good utilities on your investment.

Use innovative applications to help monetize the Facebook fan pages. For example, to create applications that allow your company to publish coupons on their Facebook page for promotional discounts. After clicking on the promotion, urged fans to provide their email addresses before receiving the coupon. Thus, not only increased the likelihood that a fan become a client who pays, they also obtained the email address of a potential client, which can be used for future product efforts.Companies do not update their pages