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Multiple essential tools for professional users online

One of the biggest changes experienced in recent years in the media is the participation of "anonymous" users in content creation and, especially in the provision of opinions. As a result, communication of brand interactive media is not unidirectional, unlike traditional media. Companies face possible comments from customers, ex-clientes, competitors or simple users.

These circumstances are those which gave rise to the birth of a large number of tools that allow the monitoring and analysis of the online reputation of a brand or company. Its operation is inherited in many cases historical system of press clippings, applying advances in engines of tracking and web analytics, semantic analysis, graphic design and statistical treatment. In the past five years, they have appeared on the market all kinds of tools with local or international approaches. They have joined this sector giants such as Nielsen, specialists from some specific field - AT Internet in web analytics, Lingway on semantic analysis of databases - and new actors of this market. Assails us the question at this point: when will Google do its entry into this market?

Just a few days ago that we have found knowhowmart, an online tool currently in beta that focuses on helping qualified professionals sell their knowledge to companies needing a one-time tips.

Experts can create a profile on the site manually or import one of LinkedIn, in any way, but that it also specifies a rate per hour that would like to be paid, including the option to donate a percentage to charity. Companies, meanwhile, can publish details about what kind of experience they are looking for, along with a deadline and maximum hourly rate they are willing to pay. Experts can make an offer on specific occasions, when an expert and a business connect, rates remain in custody until the end of the work, and a confidential conference service ensures that there is no personal contact data to communicate. KnowHowMart maintains a quota of 20 per cent of the total amount paid service.
Online tools for Professionals   

Experts can make 40 dollars or more per hour using KnowHowMart, says the site, while the companies to get free of risk, pay-as-you-go Council. A new model of test for their own needs on both sides of the equation of recruitment?


Fiverr is a page where you can find any type of product or service. Since the more humorous as pay someone $5.00 to make a telephone call from joke to professional services in web design, such as creation of beautiful headers or headers, logos, banners, backgrounds and any type of design for pages web, blogs, pages of facebook, twitter, etc.., This thing combierte in greater work by five dollars that exists, this web site site was that began the road to the market of cheap manpower in "outsourcing". You can get incredible and well done for only $5 US work through Fiverr.

Also you can make money with Fiverr because it has much traffic. Any person who wants to make money on the internet, either in affiliate marketing, with adsense, resale rights, with your own digital products, with CPA or any other method of monetising online, the first step and the most difficult is generating the traffic sufficient to the website on which we are working to generate income.

However, in the case of sites of high traffic such as eBay or as Fiverr, you will realize that this is not a big problem, because the site if it already is there.

Personal recommendation is that if you want to get a quality product for your website, look between the Fiverr offer and take a decision. I think Fiverr you can help for multiple needs in business rather than worry about designing images, banners, logos or headers for your website, one can one focus on the content and leave the part designs and images and technical professionals.


This is another website based on the concept and structure of Fiverr, the difference is that in JustaFive, despite the name, actually it has work for $5, $10 and $20. Thanks to the openness to higher prices for work, attract demand for services that can take longer and require more than $5 as payment.

Although JustaFive is a small website, in any case, is another website that we look at when we want to outsource or "outsource" simple works at low prices.


Founded in Melbourne in 2008 by Mickiewicz Matt and Mark Harbottle, 99designs is the largest online market of crowdsourced graphic design services. Last year, the company received $35 million in funding from venture capital, Accel Partners, known for its investment in Facebook, Groupon and Dropbox.

99designs has now been revealed has doubled the number of contests of monthly projects carried out in your site for years, and it has hired key staff to meet the demand. The company, which has done more than 115,000 design competitions in your site, has doubled the rate of implementation of the new competitions of a year ago. It is on track to exceed 200,000 competitions at the end of the year.

Below a list of tools of web analytics for professionals with a business on the web. Aplicaciomes needed for interpretations and measurements of the internet market.
Online tools for Professionals   

Social Essentials
The company Comscore has launched the system Social Essentials, designed so that brands can quantify the impressions in social networks, to thus incorporate them into the measurement of the marketing mix.

The platform created for brands with a minimum of 500,000 followers on Facebook, offers different analysis. Social Essentials includes the following features and capabilities:
The number of fans and friends of fans reached with impressions paid, earned and belonging to the brand on social networks, accompanied by the total number of exhibitions of the brand.

The ability to calculate the traditional metrics like reach, frequency and GRPs media planning to analyse the impressions of the brand in social media. Demographic composition of fans and friends, according to the impressions of the brand on social networks. Behavior online and commitment to the brand's fans and friends.

Learn about the hearings of other brands on social networks, including demographic comparisons and behavior, as well as the duplicate audience. Measure the impact of exposure to messages of social networks, marketing and advertising campaigns.


Probably the most accurate tool in the analysis, due to the manual processing made of the results. However, it presents little immediacy in the presentation of the data and some stiffness in the configuration. Its high price mainly warrants the accuracy of the results.Online tools for Professionals   


A very complete tool to get a quick and accurate visualization of reputation online by way of balanced scorecard. The service of consultancy and development ad hoc benefits much with this tool, which has a price normally superior to other tools.


BlogPulse is a free tool from Nielsen which aims at identifying all the mentions of a word in blogs. It is a basic solution that does not allow more than a listing without classification or filters. For Nielsen is a way of entering the market for its products of advanced consulting, as BuzzMetrics.


A tool that offers a nice visualization of results and some differentiating options such as the integration of Twitter account. The processing of the data is automatic but based on advanced semantic and sectoral analysis which explains the accuracy of your assessment.


With its own tracking robot and an interface quite usable, combined with an affordable price, Buzzwatcher makes a very good complement to analysis of social media to the other options of web analytics.
Online tools for Professionals   


Heartbeat offers a solution for monitoring and advanced analysis whose competitive advantage is the direct integration of the company Facebook account. However, the lack of automatic recognition of sentiment in other languages makes it poses an additional work of classification and enrichment results.