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Advances  Google  in their Services

Google has a big challenge ahead, since the company unveiled it works in Google   update to put this social network as an alternative other than Facebook and Disqus for users.
 Advances  Google  in

Google   is turned into direct competition from Facebook, so need to upgrade. The attraction to the network aims to enhance is the superior to its competition search index and the Union of all the comments with an extension of summary '   1'.

In addition, he will seek that comments are integrated to web pages and not only on the social platform. Therefore, if an article is shared in Google  , users can interact through the Web site, without having to do so from their profiles.

Google knows a lot of storage, by what it has a great advantage, because feedback also may be stored and integrated into search results as part of the updates to Google Search and Your World.

Every comment by a user will be stored with its own URL, which will allow linking the comment more accurately, and at the same time save it individually in the search indexes.

The popularity of the Google search engine, combined with the reluctance of Facebook and Twitter to include its contents in the search, gives results that Google apply the third commandment in its favour to become a serious competitor to social networks.

Disqus and Facebook are the most popular social networks in the third commandment system (allowing the information shared in these sites can be used in third-party sites). The benefit of these networks is that the credentials of login and storage are managed by an external company. However, the comments made by users do not appear in the search indexes.
 Advances  Google  in

Perhaps these measures will not be enough for Google to dethrone to Facebook, but certainly is an interesting turn move, given that the social network had no success expected. You will have to see how it is.

Google presents a usage report users

Google introduced its new functionality 'Account activity', a tool which consists of a report on the use we give to the services of the company while we are connected.

According to the company, the aim of this 'improvement' is making the technology intuitive and simple, so that users stop thinking about her and her founded with their daily lives. "However, sometimes is useful to stop and take stock of what they have been doing online", says Andreas Tuerk, product of Google corporate blog manager.

If they subscribe, reports will arrive each month to your email address through a link protected with a password, which shall contain the information. The data will include how many emails have been sent and received, the frequency with which has been used Google as search engine, from which countries has agreed to that account and how often videos on YouTube and which have been.

Delete the web history of the computer have no effect in the reports, but the reports can be removed at any time.

This function arises after his political polemics of privacy, which provided that the user data of your different sites (Google + YouTube, Blogger, Gmail) would be combined to create a unique account. In that case the justification was the same: allowing him to improve their products and give the user a unified solution.Advances  Google  in

Know more about the activity in our accounts could help maintain security in them, for example, if there are logons in countries in which we have not been, you should change the password and increase the level of security.
Advances  Google  in

Google changed the search engine and user interface, Although not large changes, renewal is always good.
Among the most significant changes include:
Change in the user interface so that the results are more compact and easier to see in the tablets.
Implementation of a button to search in more countries and domains. Used to share global recommendations.
Rated in the newsgroups, which works to determine their order in searches.
Changes in rates of public profiles, thereby extending the search results in different social networking profiles.
Improvements in search results, facilitating it if the user does not really know the correct name or address.
Added real-time updates of the results of various sports and international leagues like UEFA Champions League, NFL, NBA and others.
Positioning is improved and the user's application on the mobile interface.

It could also work to control the routes for children and adolescents in the network, but will not let be - or seem - a measure of oversight - perhaps monitoring - to find out what we do on the internet. Is this a responsibility of Google? Therefore they have decided to adopt her. What they will do with the information, apart from let know us by mail? We will know in time.