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Search engine of Facebook
soon will be released to the market

 Apparently, Facebook wants to counter the plans of Google and Google +. The most popular social network has a team of 23 engineers working on the development of an own search. This would be a direct competition to the search engine giant and the delinking of Bing, the search engine for Microsoft.

The first signs of this note occurred precisely in the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, with the publication of a photograph on his wall and the legend "do Stay focused & keep Shipping?." The image consisted of a page blurry Facebook with a box, similar to the search for friends, but more elongated.

The search engine will be integrated to the same Facebook to take advantage of all the content that they create and share users. In addition, will include updates, articles, videos, images and information of other Web sites.

The product is ambitious and is headed by the former engineer of Google, Lars Rasmussen. The team of engineers are working with dedication in the search engine before throwing it open to the public. Rasmussen was the co-founder of Google Wave and he was one of the main engineers of Google maps that are used by millions of people around the world. He is an extraordinary person, with the thought of each box and types faster than he explains. 'Facebook' the word has become common among everyone from secular evangelist technology to pull carts in the street. During recent years the number of people using Facebook has risen, and so are the different services offered by them. All sources online has a Facebook button, as either a shop online, blog or any web site. In the war between the sites of social networks, Facebook displaced Orkut, a popular Google product. Orkut is one of the best platforms of social networks at launch, however the scenario changed completely when 'Facebook' arrived in 2004. Now Facebook has more than 800 million users, its ubiquitous thumb upwards the button that has gained popularity among the different businesses, celebrities, and almost among all. 

A cold war that is happening between the "Google" search engine giant, and social networks bellweather 'Facebook'. Effect, Facebook results were not appearing in the search engine Google has resulted in most of the time. For example, when someone searches for Zuckerberg, your Google profile was also included at the top instead of your Facebook profile. Had so many comments from the public, the usefulness of Google would be, if we include the results of the social web as a whole.

Possibly the Facebook people start to make better use of the information that is generated on its platform with a new engine of social search that would be able to estrucutrar all the information related to our activity in both Facebook inside and outside the platform. For example when someone clicks on the button "I like", is generating activity in this social network, but from an external channel, what Facebook used to recommend any website to any of our contacts when they carried out a search, Yes, to the style as the Google + 1 button.

With this new concept of the semantic web, Facebook could detect more efficiently what contents are the more moving by the network and without going so far, this search engine would be the height of that Twitter made for himself and then opened to Bing and Google (but already was crerrado the access to Google). Twitter showed us that it is possible to have a social search engine to detect in real time what was happening or what was becoming news.

Anyway, at least for now, it is estimated that this new search engine developed by Facebook will operate only within the same social network, aiming to nurture all information flowing in the web site, the likes, shared links, videos, photos, and others, all this would allow Facebook very well exploit the data obtained, and give a better use of their results.

We all the advantage of Facebook account are its buttons of "I like it" which recorded perfectly what preferences could, in that way could use this information to offer not only what the agent likes but what will come to use in reality, what will be useful and that will obviously be translated into resultsfor both Facebook and companies announced in this new engine hardly of Eclipse.

According to the article of the Greg Sterling, Opus Research senior analyst, says that Facebook could quickly become the second most popular browser if addresses the problem seriously. "There is an enormous amount of income waiting to be unlocked if you want to explore based on searching of payment per click".

Facebook and microsoft
As we all know, Microsoft takes time working with Facebook, to the point that both companies have an agreement whereby of Redmond provided its search engine to Facebook this to use it within your social network.

The Alliance has served many users, which can search Bing where he can see the results in the "I like" and the recommendations that have made friends. The truth is that realized this news could be completed this agreement.

By having your own search, Facebook may compete for the 15 billion dollars annually are handled in the search advertising market.

The search engine for Facebook will surely be a success, that in February there were 336 million consultations of searches for the social network, according to ComScore. Indeed are nothing when compared with the 17 628 million of Google searches.

However, there is to consider that without being a search engine, Facebook currently generates a considerable number deconsultas. In addition, users of the social network carried out their searches elsewhere because it is a social network, not a search engine.

The interesting thing will be to see how increase develops and expands the search engine for the network of Mark Zuckerberg, will it be practical internship from your profile?