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Various Social Networks according to Profession

Currently contacts are everything. Even though it is professional, it is not possible performance optimal, have greater opportunities, nor develop a career up to a good standard but integrates a virtual circle to facilitate the work.

Social networks exist to facilitate this performance even for multiple tastes and professional. They are one excellent complement to traditional more general networks where there is everything. For developers there is which is an exclusive site where you can share tips and information on programming languages.

You will then see the best alternatives taking into account your work area. If you have new suggestions, please add them.

In have begun to send invitations on your social network, making a small test of programming before unlocking access to the application.

After they applied to the account on their homepage, will get an email with a test in which you must write a small program (a few lines function) in the programming language that you choose. The result and the time it took to solve it will be sent to the administrators of the vestibule that they send the final invitation.

Once inside we see a panel from where it is possible to save and classify pieces of code that we use in our every day, making it possible to share it easily and discover treasures saved by other users.

Beyond, for its part, is the social network for professional communities. The site allows users to seek referential information both to his current profession as to which would be interested in landing. Searches provide "communities" of professionals, as well as information on the best places to study or the startups.

Bettercodes is a collaborative platform for developers that can also function as a social network for this niche in particular. Still in beta, the focus is clearly (as it could not be otherwise) in the code. One of the ways in which does it is connecting users with similar preferences, allowing that the fact of knowing new projects in which they participate simplify.

In addition, while the project is released under the AGPL, it has no any limitations on the license of the projects, provided that they are open source. This is quite interesting, as some projects like are limitations on accepted licenses. The idea of the creators of the site is that the navigation, search, and all the tools provided are simple to use, to make it "fun" to be on the site, develop and collaborate, without that the project itself is in the middle between the idea and the execution.

Imagine a portal that allows you to obtain financial information specialized to a single click. That is

Though it is still in its beta version, the network has been a success. It's a space of encounter between private investors and managers professionals in which you know the Community decisions in real time, by providing market information and transparency.

According to its own description: "we are a powerful tool of global portfolio management where you can make analysis, either real or simulation of your investment, obtaining a complete analysis of profitability, risk and diversification". Very useful for those who are taking their first steps in the sector.

This is the square ideal online for those who move regularly in non face-to-face jobs. It's an active network where you can exchange ideas, experiences and information from other users.

Teletrabajador.NET, as the community, is called has employment opportunities for those who do not have a job and gives the possibility of improving their charges, who are looking for new horizons in the sector.

It is the turn of "Smart Exchange" virtual community that allows you to search, share resources and connect with other education professionals. As it is to be expected it is a site with lots of information for those who move in the field of education, but also for those students seeking to learn a little more.

Photographers have their space or where sharing their work and knowledge. Thus was born "where your photos are happy". An online tool for professionals and amateur photography.

His great qualities include: be a showcase to display and distribute works in the community, and weaving a network of contacts with other photographers. If you want to find out more about this world, you must just dare you.

"In this network has place all practitioners (present or future) of the different disciplines related to health", indicated through its site.

Your administrators expect it to be a meeting point where these people can communicate freely, exchanging opinions, pictures, experiences and knowledge.

It is also a network interesting in its image and operation, very easy to use and with much international activity. Totally recommended.

Science and engineering

ResearchGate: This new social network is focused only on the different scientific branches of industry and technology professionals. ResearchGate is designed to be able to create a space for scientific men and women can meet, Exchange information, and even research and job searches.

Apparently, the niche that came to order ResearchGate was a space that many professionals wanted to have that number of members of this social network sl already amounts to 1.4 million and grows at rates of 50 thousand professionals per month.

Epernicus is a web social network and the creation of professional resource networks platform built by scientists for research scientists. Its main objective is to help scientists to find the right people with the advice right at the right time

Architects builders
Tecnitool is a social network created for a circle of specific professionals: architects, technicians and engineers.

The idea is to disseminate resources and tools that facilitate the development of this professional activity on the basis of three main functions:

-Technical documentation like tutorials, manuals and technical documents templates, sheets, artwork...
-Possibility to resolve technical questions and share knowledge with other professionals in the sector.
-Facilitate communication with other professionals and companies.

FledgeWing is an online community aimed at business college students launched in February 2009. Founded by two NYU Stern students in October 2007, the site is currently compatible with 170 universities around the world. Having no costs or advertising, the social network is intended to connect aspiring entrepreneurs of students among themselves, as well as mentors, investors and professionals in the industry

Talking about food is so pleasant as the savor, so chefs and consumers also have been treated in his demand, and therefore is that there is all Chef. Let's say that it is still not a great feeling on the Internet, but all those images of ready dishes can supply almost any other gaps. In short, if you want to form an interesting group to share cooking techniques, recipes, ideas for new dishes and everything related to the wonderful world of gastronomy, all Chef you will be fantastic.

Lawyrs, a social network for lawyers and law students.
Among other features, the network will allow to add publications to the user profile (each one of it with their corresponding labels or "tags" to facilitate its location) and will contain a section for sending and vote on news related to the profession. Other characteristics are typical of this kind of applications, such as the creation of related groups, management of contacts, sending messages and search for people.

MyHeritage is a social network of families online where users can assemble, on the basis of your personal data or any known relatives, the family tree of the family, search for ancestors and connect with relatives with whom contact has been lost. It was founded by a group of people with a passion for genealogy and the original idea to use the internet to discover their heritage and strengthen ties with family and friends.

Available in 30 languages, 411 million profiles, 9 million family trees created, 61 million photos provided by users make up a large social network, whose portal has been underway since relatively few years.

BookSprouts is a relatively new online book readers who love to talk about books in a good cup of virtual coffee. The social network is designed to make it easier to start a club of reading online, talk about books with other people, organize meetings and writing comments.

Searchable a reading group that belong to the geography, subject, author or title. You can start your own group book. You can find books by title, subject or author and you can see an updated list of hot books. You can use the site as a resource to find the books to discuss in your existing group.

social network to avoid repeating the clothing

By the morning rush usually repeat the clothing. Jean and black shirt. And if a social network remember the clothes they already got in the month? This is the idea that Rohan Deuskar and Zach Davis, a curious proposal for users and especially for marketers on the hunt for relevant data have been developed. Deuskar says that he decided to start working on an algorithm to analyze trends when one morning, to dress, he thought in what clothes from his closet had amortized over and what they really worth what was paid for them.

They are the ones to tell the Web on how many pants, shirts or shoes available, what brands and colors, which have paid for each garment and which each time to choose the tool that tells you what style they have.

iNaturalist is a thematic social network aimed at all people who are nature lovers. The main objective is none other but sharing images that we learn of the wildlife, animals or plants, locating the place where we took on the map. In addition to this, we can find an interesting section with a large number of sheets of the most diverse plant and animal species. They illustrate with pictures and inform us of the most important features of these species.

Network for párkinson patients, Alzheimer

A social network that will help in Teleassistance and sick of párkinson, Alzheimer, and acquired brain injury TeleRehabilitation.

Among other objectives they aim to create a virtual community to connect patients with specialized professionals, as well as carers, friends and family members of those who suffer from the problem.

Social networking site for drivers

It's a free, mobile application that works both phones and tablets. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian, a fact that has helped him to its rapid spread.

The application connects several aspects, on the one hand it is a GPS, less sold apparatus since that mobile phones bring maps, on the other hand is a social network with aspects of games, FourSquare style. Nothing more to register awarded us a car that will be timber by the map. As is made contributions on a slump in a specific place, a street temporarily cut, broken traffic lights or traffic control, the driver will receive medals and points that serve as recognition to the other members of the network.

The biggest advantage is the use in real time, if there is a jam about, warned that there are drivers blocked there, and offers an alternative way. Allows save regular routes and know the implications before you leave home. One of the most constructive aspects is the function "Asphalt", which serves to update the application with new streets and roads available maps. In this aspect it is difficult that GPS manufacturers to compete.