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Cadillac dominates a demanding market

Cadillac, General Motors luxury brand, announced the beginning of sales of the CTS Sport Sedan 2012, a package with more power and aesthetic details that make it look more sports. The home range of Cadillac sedan arrives to satisfy demanding clients seeking in his car performance, equipment, space, luxury, comfort and exclusivity.

For the 2012 Edition, the CTS preserves the features that have placed him in the public taste and is complemented with greater power and exterior details and interiors that reaffirm its position in the market.

Cadillac CTS is positioned in the best luxury sedans in the world, proof of this are the different awards and recognitions he has received since its launch in 2007, among them "Best buy" by the annual guide of cars in the United States.UU. Consumers Digest and "Best vehicle medium Premium" by the renowned automotive Guide for consumers in the United States.UU. Consumer Guide Automotive Awards. For the 2012 Edition, CTS preserves the features that have placed him in the public taste and is complemented with greater power and exterior details and interiors that reaffirm its position in the market.

"CTS Sport Sedan is key in the Cadillac portfolio, as it represents the luxury led to its maximum expression with a unique and attractive style without sacrificing comfort and sportsmanship that characterize the brand vehicles," said the Marketing Manager. "Its great equipment and the new power of up to 318 horsepower makes the best choice for customers who like four-door with high performance vehicles", he noted.

Important characteristics that distinguish the CTS Sport Sedan are access keyless transmitter remote control that opens the door slightly touch the sheet, it likewise allows remote ignition. In all its versions has independent four wheel and for the "B" package suspension offers helical springs.

Cadillac CTS Sports sedan, from synchronize your music with the computer of the car, to adjust the seat to your body more than just lay.

This car has a 3.6L engine, a system of brakes Heavy Duty, a pop screen? up 8-inch stereo AM/FM radio, CD/DVD Player audio, RDS, USB, MP3, Ipod and HDD (Hard Drive Device) connection with 40 GB hard drive.Navigation system, with voice guidance, 3-D images in color, with 10 speakers Bose ® 5.1 surround sound.

When is this low gasoline, driver information centre, it not only warns him, also works with the available navigation system to provide you where the nearest petrol station, and even shows you how to get there.


Security mirror camera

The camera provides a panoramic view of the projected trajectory of the vehicle when the vehicle gets underway back. See intuitively shows in the rearview mirror or on the screen of the navigation system (if equipped). Available with a rear ultrasonic Assistant with warnings sound if the vehicle is within a specified distance of a detected object stationary.

Seen from the outside, the CTS Sport Sedan shows a panoramic, electric sliding sunroof, extra quick opening which includes shadow, has a redesigned grille, chrome door handles and aluminum wheels painted with unique design of 18 or 19 inches depending on the version.

Jeweled headlights  with high intensity (HID) Xenon available that offer better visibility at night, with turned on automatic.

Signature vertical taillights use LED technology that turns faster than the traditional light bulbs, lasts longer and gives it an unmistakable look of Cadillac. Available exterior colors are gray storm, red red, black, white diamond and metallic silver.

In matter of safety has rated Top Safety Pick by the traffic Institute of safety in highway (IIHS), the above thanks to its equipment consisting of a carrier of high strength steel, which protects the space of the passengers still in the event of a frontal collision, side airbags for the two rows of seats and curtain for driver and passenger, House of rear sight mounted in the trunk that displays the image on the screen of the radio, rear ultrasonic distance sensor and disc brakes ventilated with standard four-wheel ABS system.

In the market of United States, according to the results of an investigation of beginning of year, Cadillac is the automobile most desired by men. The above was the result of a study conducted by Buyology Inc. and uSamp, a company that explores the emotional bonds of more than 200 brands.


Cadillac sales increased 6.8% during 2011, topping sales of the CTS range and the SRX crossover, which increased its sales 9.6% last year. Should be mentioned that after the U.S. market, Chinese is the second most important and in which the SRX has been very well accepted; to better exemplify globalisation.

2012 must be year a period in which sales curve continue its upward trend with the introduction in the coming months of two new sedans, XTS, ATS. We consider very likely that with the range they already have, as well as models which are annexed, Cadillac has sufficient reasons to celebrate its anniversary next August 110.
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