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 The model of how women get their clothes and make grow your cloakroom this changing radically. Since it is a status symbol to be always changing and subject to trends, fashion isn't exactly like any other commodity.

For example, with furniture to buy a new sofa or a bed and then you have one, it is not necessary to another or one different two weeks later. It is not so with dresses or shoes. In fact, if many women, came out with his own, never I would use the same thing twice.

However, spending $ $ $ on something that will only be used once, is not really economically viable.

Here is a new company online that promises to do much to solve the challenge of staff cloakroom.

As I mention the same entrepreneur, owner of the idea, there is or there is a solution to resolve their dilemma, where the community can build an exchange of clothes through 99dresses in his home country, Australia. The idea of the infinite Closet caught in the middle of the word of the women and the site received more than 4 k dresses ordered in less than four months.

99 dresses is an Australian website created by Nikki Durkin. 1St shop of fashion is on-line that works with virtual money.

sell clothes online 
To participate in 99dresses, users can upload a dress, which they may be tired, but someone could appreciate. It is easy, takes a photo of the garment (clothing, accessories or shoes) that do not already use and her add the "Inifinite Closet" to sell it to other girls. The price of each suit, accessories and shoes is determined according to the original value. The clothing may be purchased between 6 to 100 buttons.

Unlike other clothing Exchange services and Poshmark Threadflip, 99dresses is the goal for the whole of Forever 21, and Zara, and not necessarily wealthy believers of Lanvin, Balenciaga and Prada.

In this way are sold in exchange for {buttons} dresses that can be then used to buy other apparel on the web. An element never actually leaves the infinite wardrobe, and simply removed from circulation when "buy". Apparently, you could buy a dress, used once to a party, and reload it so someone more to enjoy (the seller pays the cost of shipping and handling). "It is free of blame for the purchase," said Durkin, "the prolongation of this urgency of not having to use the same thing twice."

So far, 4,500 dresses have uploaded to the website. But how a constant monitoring of the quality of the clothes through the system? Co-founder, Peter Delahunty explained to VentureBeat that 99Dresses who is really confident in your community. The company encourages users to sign up through Facebook to create a sense of responsibility. If a damaged article of clothing does not change hands, however, the company will work with the client to return the money, as well as point out the subject of the history of the seller.

Nikki Durkin, founder of 99Dresses, said YCombinator had served for the perfect platform for its global expansion.

"The last three months in Mountain View, California, has been a tremendous experience for me and the talented team we have met."
sell clothes online 

"We have been able to refine our offer to women around the world, improve our business model, and start marketing 99dresses."

I started my first business online, KultKandy, at the age of 15 years selling t-shirts that was going to design and print and place have been sent from China. I sold through eBay and the business grew more than 2 years of being a small company of high profitability for a school boy, selling hundreds of t-shirts each month.

At 18 I associate with Pollinator and launched - the world first infinite wardrobe of free fashion for women - by the creation of a Facebook page which was shared with over 40,000 women and use fans to attract early adopters. 99dresses open to negotiation in September 2010 and has been growing since then.

Now I work in 99dresses with a full-time developer, and other informal in the admin. I deal with all the product development, community management, marketing and business development.

"We have created crack for women," said Nikki Durkin.
sell clothes online 
The only downside for now is that only operates in the U.S.. But success has insurance that will soon reach many more countries, as a good initiative to combat the crisis. The site is in Beta and requires state invitation to join the community.
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