Users who have seen the fan page of a company valuation to provide better product, increasing the image by 15%

Fan pages are the best partner for companiesg

According to a comparative study by Web Excellence Forum, the fan pages have a positive and measurable influence on the image of the companies. For research had the collaboration of 3,600 responsible for communications from companies such as Siemens, Daimler or Mlp. 

The study was able to document the influence of the fanpages on a brand image, and on the other hand give great conclusion the fact that visit the web site of a company affects one third with more strength and efficiency on the image.

Test of the study subjects, who had contact with the web page of the company, or the fanpage scored the image with a 6.5 average. But if subjects had seen the fanpage, valuation rose to 7, which translates into a gain in the image of about 10%.

A result even better observed when subjects were visiting the website of the company: here were the best results with a note of a 7.5 and a boost in the image of 15%.

Standards say accounts for commercial purposes they are pages, so let's look at the advantages that have pages on groups and users when we talk about promoting a company on the net

Geolocation. If you create a page and choose the "Local business" category will be included in the tab "Information" a map of where your business is located with the advantages that this entails: easily to ensure that potential customers find, virality of the check in to hagan… In addition, automatically creates you the "place" on Facebook Places and everytime someone to do check in at your business (give a button on his mobile phone indicating that it is there), it will make you free advertising, already to your contacts so you can see. If you create a user or a group for your company, you lose all this.

Filters and permissions. On pages you can choose the filter you want, not in user profiles and groups. It is true that the idea of launching a social networking is so customers can talk long and tended, you open this channel of communication and no censor them, but it is also true that all they are clients or everyone has good faith assumed him, so having the option to set permissions of publication is quite reassuring. So too have a filter of rude words, that groups and users does not exist.

Concepts. The group, as its name suggests, is to bring together in one place to different people, but at the same level. Is great that you think one for your company, but educate internal communication: workers and you can exchange information, chat in group... But it makes no sense if your purpose is the promotion. The user does not fit with this idea: connect you only with your friends? If companies do not have friends, they have customers! In addition, have to fill out information which company, doesn't make much sense (where you live, what you do, age, estudios…). On the other hand, the concept of page is perfect for the end we seek: first because you have "people who likes your page" that already fits more with the business intention, you can choose the category to which your business belongs and in information, may ask you things more logical as a year of Foundation, profile of the company, mission and website.

Public exhibition. Visitors do not have to have an account on a network to view your page. So anyone that can read the content and become familiar with your company, brand or product. In addition your page indexes in all the search engines and appears in good positions in search. This exponentially increases the traffic to your Web site.

Segmentation: By every fan of your page there are many friends that may be serious prospects for your brand.The user of social networks, has "friends" with tastes, attitudes and similar behaviors. Groups, events and applications are tools where you can find potential customers. 

Volunteer fans. People is lq decided voluntarily who wants to follow it, and above all who are interested in your products, company or brand. This saves you time, money and is a very easy way to build your base subscription of fans.

Statistics. The pages have a statistics service to check what they want and how are our fans. With this valuable information can adjust the content to your tastes: for loyalty, so they speak well of the company and her recommend to their friends... Groups and users, of course, does not have this option.

Customize tabs. Only in the pages we can add and customize tabs (at the level of others as "Wall", "Information", "Photos"). The most recommended and used is the Landing Page (welcome to non-fans of the page tab to make fans) Although you can create which want and for the purposes you want. But only if you chose page. Image. The majority of Facebook users know that the companies that want to be present in this social network should do so through pages. If will you create a group or a user for this purpose, many you look bad, or simply you do worse impression, that you lose all of the above.

Ranking in search engines: the content of the fan page has the potential to generate favourable results in the search engines. You can use the page to appear in search engines like google, yahoo, etc. and by linking the fan page to the web site of your company, you can use the ranking to generate more visits to the website.

Instant mail. You can instantly send an update to all fans on their activities, news, articles, statements, alerts, actions, allegations and solutions in different formats: text, audio, or video.

Advertising: while the scope and audience penetration is not the same as a mass media the cost per impact is the lowest (free of charge), supported a good strategic and creative working attractive and viral campaigns can generate. We can use the tools to our advantage in innovative ways including developing applications. The limit is yourself.

Relationship with your customers: networks offer the possibility to enter into a closer relationship with customers, information, promotions, news and comments can attract to the prospectus and, above all, an empathy, thus this will be understood and identified with the brand.
Care with the content and the language is important.

Therefore, it is very important to create an image of single page with your profile picture. Make good use the space offered by the pages within Facebook, Google +, and others where the service is offered. Regularly change the profile photo to get more visibility and more interactions. Fans are interested in the design. In this way you get more comments, more "I like or votes", etc. Don't forget the value of recognition of your page. This can create a special bond with fans.