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The concept of boutique hotels is increasing as serious competition to large corporations

The business of the boutique hotels was created to meet the needs of travellers tired of sleeping in the same room type with a similar equipment in all cities.

Boutique hotels offer unique and custom environments with an emphasis on comfort and service, and this idea of the small company has become an important trade opportunity. The opening of a boutique hotel can be expensive, but the expansion of the industry makes it a game worthy of consideration. So it is that currently you can find hotels in Milan that have made your service to be a boutique hotel.

Principles and mid 80s arose the first boutique in New York accommodation (entrepreneur and interior designer Ian Schrager created with Andree Putnam Morgans Hotel), London (the Blakes Hotel, by designer Anouska Hempel) and San Francisco (the Bedford Hotel). These establishments were to focus on the design and sought to escape the boring decorative standards of the big chains. Without a doubt, the contribution of Philippe Stark was instrumental in this move: the man who devised the inside of the Café Costes in Paris.

However, a hotel boutique in general is distinguished in the following areas: design, service and market target. Some boutique hotels are themed, many try to be unique, either offering themed rooms or the choice of a general theme for the hotel.

The owners of hotels boutique and lifestyle do not have to abide by the standards of brand - that, for example, you can specify size and decor of the rooms - which normally require giant hoteliers like Marriott, Starwood, and Intercontinental. It is therefore easier for builders to convert an existing structure, such as an office building, in a hotel.

Due to its nature of luxury boutique hotels require a great investment, probably out of reach for the majority of small investors. Consider the possibility of a limited company with an investment group to open a hotel of this type.

Tourists who choose this type of hotels does not repair expenses, since they are usually middle-high and high class, often spend vacations abroad and a minimum spend between $ 200 and $300 per day, accommodation, food and activities. "There are segments with much higher costs and niches that represent highly attractive in general linked to outdoor activities or certain exclusive beaches in Brazil, where the costs may exceed the $ 600 per day per person"

to properly open a boutique hotel.

To open a boutique hotel, you will need:
• Rooms
• Food, beverages and a room service facilities
• Management (accounting and management)
• Staff
• Marketing
• Maintenance
• Cleaning service
• The reception staff (the check-in, check-out and reservations)
• Vendors (stocks and supplies)
• Concierge or coordination services
• Baggage services
• Room service
Before a hotel boutique will be ready to open to guests, some essentials must be in order. These aspects include:
• Designed, decorated, equipped and furnished rooms
• Facilities designed, equipped, furnished and decorated, as the lobby restaurant, lounge and hotel
• Space set, designed and equipped for the administrative offices, as well as a similar treatment to the reception area
• Management of employees and an accountant or auditor

In addition to a plan of marketing taking into account:
The demand of the market
The quality of the product
Well defined and effective marketing of distribution / coverage of reserves.

Start a boutique hotel 
Probably the keys to establishing the desirability of building or buying a hotel boutique or complex include:

The ability to ask "why" the hotel or resort must exist in the first place.
The determination of the market or the needs of the customers are satisfied with their presence.

You have the hotel or resort or its location offers all the attributes unique or special?

It is the hotel or resort in a position to support the delivery of the product as promised, if those are geared toward the business traveler or pleasure and have an orientation of service to business or recreation.

Is the site accessible or desirable to the markets of specific customers? (Do e.g. for local markets question refers to the proper elevation of air or other access to the target, or as Peter Yesawich promotes, is that within the period of 3 1/2 hour of high density markets?).

The attractive destination for several seasons or extended to allow occupations of high in whole or in large part of the year, if not all days of the week?


Something that should not miss you to a boutique hotel is the style and creativity. No doubt that the location of the hotel boutique must determine his style and decoration. Many owners of boutique hotels follow a theme in common. But yes, everyone should be cozy and unique. Even the furniture must have a chic touch and accompanying all the theme of the hotel.

Environment comfortable and luxury Start a boutique hotel 

This is non-negotiable. If you want that your boutique hotel to succeed, invest in furniture quality, very comfortable beds, fine linens, and works of art of quality. The attention to detail is essential. Guests will toiletries of good quality, extra pillows and comfortable chairs.

Today, a hotel boutique as a tourist Manager should anticipate the habits of customers, both traditional and non-traditional purchase  and the management of its distribution activities and, if this means:

Answer the phone
Ceding of Internet e-mail
The use of distribution channels of affinity groups, such as marketing associations, representation companies, or agencies of the visitors.

Among the best hotels Boutique style we can mention the following:

L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington DC (Washington DC)
Hotel in Washington DC, is located a few steps from the Smithsonian museums and directly above a subway station. The hotel offers a swimming pool season on the roof and 2 restaurants.

372 spacious rooms of more than 350 feet square each, decorated elegantly.

Boutique Le Sirenuse hotel. Positano (Naples, italy).

Le Sirenuse opened its doors in 1951, when the Sersale Marchesi became his summer home a charming hotel overlooking the Bay of Positano. Today Le Sirenuse has 59 rooms, equipped with all the comforts of a luxury hotel, while maintaining the atmosphere of a private home. It is located in the Centre of the town of Positano, the Amalfi drive, 50 km from Naples.

Hotel Windows to paradise in San Jose De Cabo Mexico

At the end of the tip of the long Mexican peninsula of Baja California Sur, the site offers a beautiful desert landscape with one of the planet's richest marine environments that combine both the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Cortez.

Start a boutique hotel 
The hotel captivates its guests with spacious suites, a world-class spa, inspiring cuisine and unique atmosphere. The hotel has 71 suites located in different buildings scattered throughout the project.