To conquer a market we differentiate ourselves from the competition, we must begin to find out what the real needs of a client

Main points of analysis before entering a new market

No doubt the challenge faced by investors when entering a new market is very high. In many cases, very high investments are made to ensure a correct analysis of the factual information and strategy business, ROI - return on investment - and business regulatory issues.

We begin with the following questions: is there a problem or need real not resolved satisfactorily; This problem or need can [successfully] be solved by us; In addition, we can make money solving it now and in the future, i.e. There is business.

Needs not confessed the consumer if we want or need to differentiate us from the competition, we have to start to find out what are the real needs of a client. A client is very important in the business because he can determine if the entrepreneur is maintained in the business game or not, this is needed to meet current customers and potential customers of the future. Necessary to maintain communication with customers in order to have bases in the development of our product.

Customers buy because they have needs and this is not something so obvious; until more luxury purchases or whimsical appearance, they hide in fact some kind of need.

The sociologist a. Maslow States that there are five types of needs: Basic, such as food, dress, education. The security, such as maintaining employment, protect the family, etc. Of belonging, as to be identified with a social group. Those of ego-status, demonstrating the ambition to distinguish themselves from the rest.

Those of self-realization, where the individual aims to address a personal project that involves a challenge for him and that only happens when previous needs have already been met.

Then, emerges from Maslow, who qualify for a used Renault 9 but insists on being able to buy a Land Rover 0 km. not being operated by the caprice or a total unconsciousness but by an existing need for ego-status.

In the same way we can warn if a client in the supermarket looking for the price cheap, something as basic as milk, is because their needs are basic.

Respond to the elemental of the niche market a time that we understand the basic motivations of your customers (or our target market), we can begin to meet its: needs. These are fundamental requirements, such as food, air, clothing, and housing. Beyond the purely physical requirements, people also need recreation, education, entertainment and a binding within the community or social status.
 As move into new markets

Desires. These are needs that are directed to specific objects that could satisfy them. For example, us We need to eat, but on a special occasion we might want to eat at a restaurant instead of dinner at home. Demands. These arise when people want a specific product and you have available and the money to pay for it. The demands can take various forms. For example, the "latent demand" occurs when customers have a strong need that can not be met by current offerings of the company, and "irregular demand" is one that varies according to the seasons, the day or the hour.

Customer satisfaction will be achieved not only through the features and functions of products, but also with the style of relationship that the company keep with the client. This means that products and services must be customized; and the only way to do so is becoming involved with customers.

A way of discovering how a niche market is seen as potential customers could use a product. For this analysis the best is to use it yourself. Possible that we can like and things that we dislike the product are the same things that customers like or not. Using your product, can realize that you need more features of which you had not realized, it is more, you may find that some feature that the design department thought was good, simply does not add any real value to the product.

Really understanding customers and giving them what they want until notice of that so wish, a new business you can leave behind your competition. All those kilometers walked in the shoes of your customers, will be the difference between you and the competition distance.

You cannot make discounts, adds value every time that we apply a discount to our products and services we are really doing is to let enter a money which we really need. A most interesting estrategy is adding value to our products and services, so that it continues to merit worth pay the same (or more) for something in our competition "pulls" prices. This is the strategy applied by large companies like Apple, which always keeps the high prices because it always offers something of value in Exchange.

In this sense Internet has proved an exceptional field to include offering these tempting extras at a very reduced price (or even free) and bet on a freemium strategy.

Microniche market: the main problem disadvantages of working with a market of niches is that demand is reduced and in cases of high competence, results is really complicated. That is why it is important to make sure that it is a market where there is an emerging demand with unmet needs. On the other hand, we would like to be made clear that when working with microniche, once saturated the market, the growth of your business is will reduce the maximum and you will have to look for new work, a new target or a new product guidelines. Which may imply an abrupt change in the direction of your activity.

Another danger of working with microniche, as we anticipate at the beginning, is to limit the own business with an excessive reduction of the market. Following the example above of the travel agency, if you focus on the promotion of honeymoon trips to Brussels, and you focus only and exclusively in this lawsuit, the possibilities of obtaining results will be very small because few can? can be couples who decide to do the honeymoon trip to Brussels in a year? Although all of them chose to make the trip to Brussels with you, do does not believe that the options of selling travel would be too few?

What it is to strike a balance between a segmentation that allows you customize and specialize both your product and its communication, not too limited growth potential. That is, without focusing too much on a MicroNiche single but in several that help generate more income.

The consumer's behaviour is usually complex as to explain it with one or two features, so take into account multiple dimensions, on the basis of the needs of the niche market. Therefore, it is recommended to present flexible market offerings to the market segment. Flexible demand offer consists of: A solution that consists of elements of the product and service that all segment members value and options that only a few valued, each option requires an additional charge.

Therefore, knowing how to choose a niche market is an essential aspect and which you must spend time and effort if we are to succeed in a new market.We must be able to identify the problem, which we want to give you a solution with the new product or service and ask the following questions well: know a better solution than the employee at that time to deal with the problem, still better by having a lower cost, more suitable to the potential customer, easier handling, more efficient, etc.

We can make this solution a product or marketable service, which implies, in turn, to give at least the following conditions: that we are able to create a process [manufacturing or service] to produce it; that can make it comply with the legislation in force that applies in each case [health, environmental, competition, etc.]; We know how to present the product or service to the customer; We are able to set a price and that we are able to reach such a solution to the client.

As move into new markets
Finally, the problem would not be resolved in a satisfactory manner, at least for us, if we could not do all of the above at one cost less than what we enter through the sale of our product or service. In other words, should solve the problem and make money in the process. traffic news
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