The new style of shopping 2.0 proposes a combination of social networking and electronic procurement (e-commerce). How to capitalize on the trend?

How to increase business in the Shopping 2.0

The benefit in shopping on-line is mutual. On the one hand, the buyer Gets a very good price and, on the other hand, electronic commerce offers opportunities to market at a relatively low cost, being possible to reaching a wider audience.

Thus the "social shopping" benefits from the best of both trends. The idea is very simple to explain (but much more complex to implement), is to move from a procurement process individual online purchase process heavily influenced by the views and recommendations of other users. This concept is based on the philosophy that if in real life are often shopping with our friends or family, because in Internet can do the same thing on a much larger scale.

Many companies implement intelligent agents in their Web sites to provide better services to visitors, providing us with information relating to our searches or navigation within each site.

The Shopping 2.0 this concept into effect, and are planning many initiatives related to the active participation of clients, using the possibilities offered by the new channels of communication, guerrilla marketing strategies and thus collaborating in the process of brand positioning.

A simple example is when someone buys a product over the internet and notifies all your contacts. Being the person who has your experience with the product, with his words and not the mark becomes a legitimating that encourage others to make a similar purchase. Actions as recommend, rate, consult doubts, write opinions or compare similar products, they are part of this social purchasing model.
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What are the benefits of Social Shopping?

Social Shopping exceeds the old web shopping, since it brings all kinds of products in one place. No more jumping around one site to another looking for that hard-to - find item.

The shopping 2.0

Social Shopping also has benefits even to go to a real store to buy. With social shopping, which are just a click away from the comparison of prices, and you can easily find what others are saying about this watch Fossil or Alexis Bittar necklace.

Best of all, is fun. If you like to go shopping, then you'll love the social shopping.

With 67% of buyers willing to buy a product online after reading the recommendations of your friends according to Internet Retailer, the key element of the Social Shopping is recommending the product to others. Thanks to social media, the information is shared with millions of users. In addition, mention that there is another kind of social shopping is the collective purchase, in which however is necessary to achieve a number of registered to buy the product.

As we see every time the panorama extends so that companies can use the potential of their social networks in specific marketing actions. It is not necessary to have robust applications or web sites developed for shopping online. With a little creativity and using some free tools that Facebook offers for example, can begin to promote our products.

If you are looking to do a promotion online and do not know how, here some tips that you can follow: Let's mention some recommendations to sell products using the online stores and make the store more attractive for users and web search engines: defines a strategy for market and price. Remember that these companies placed your bid online and promoted it for several days until is reached to collect a certain number of customers. That is why you must always think of the economic benefit that will bring you.

Web page the first way to promote a product on the Internet is done through a web page where we exhibamos and show information on this such as their characteristics, their prices, the places where it can be purchased, etc.

To design the web page, we can use programs such as Google Sites that help us to create a page without need for more knowledge in design Web or, in any case, use the services of a professional designer.

Submit how unique products to measure they publish more content will be more likely to leave positioned in the search engines for a greater number of keywords related to our activities and products. Each new page in an e-commerce portal is a vendor that we took to the streets. For this reason we must implement strategies that involve the generation of new content.

Many virtual shops tend to group multiple products in a single Web page. For example, some computer equipment sales portals grouped on one page all printers that have when the optimum would be to create a separate page for "laser printer brand and model 1020?, another page for the" laser photo printer brand models 2030? X and so on.  Greatest number of unique pages with information on unique products, more pages are positioning in search engines. Many users of search engines written phrases such as "buy photo printer brand XXX" or "ink brand YYY printers model 1030?". At the level of programming to be only a specifications for a product try to compose the "title" tag and the tag "description" of each of the pages on the tab of the product in a different way. Each page must have these tags with a independent writing.

Do not use pop-ups to display the technical specifications for a product usually is technique is that the users of the portal can compare multiple products at the same time. However, nowadays search engines not can index the pages formatted as pop-up ads. Given that the programming of pop-ups is generated via a javascript link, the search engine robots cannot follow this type of links. The recommendation to follow is that each product tab page is a separate HTML page with its own address or individual URL.

Use links to other products pages: visit cross to higher page views in a store virtual, increased the possibility of generating sales. A product tab page can also be the page that recommends the sale of another similar product. The major e-commerce portals tend to place links at the end of the description of a particular product. These links are usually "the 10 best-selling products in this category", "those who have purchased this product also purchased this one", "other similar products", etc. Besides being an excellent tool for generating more page views is an additional factor that search engines to index a Web page. As mentioned above, the search engine robots navigate a page to another via links of text, by which by placing links to other pages of products we are making sure a larger product portfolio indexed from the site.

Sending newsletter to subscribers: can be very beneficial to create a newsletter with offers from our online stores. In this way, as well as to create a database of users who are interested in our products, we will be able send promotions regularly that can increase our online sales.

Web Analytics: when our online shops are in operation, our Web analytics tool will start to collect data. If we don't do anything with them, we are probably losing sales opportunities. It is essential to set up Google Analytics goals of our Web site. In addition, we should also set up the Analytics e-commerce report. It is vital that we monitor our buying process conversion funnels and let us if we lose buyers along the way. To do this, we must divide the objective in the different steps of the buying process and detect users leak points. For example, you can step filling the registration data we are many users. Then perhaps we could think to reduce the form fields and analyze if in this way we can increase the conversion rate of our online stores.

The possibilities of the 'social' "shopping" are many and each day there are more platforms which integrate all the necessary tools. Then some sites for Shopping 2.0

MyPerfectSale offers an experience of purchase custom for those who register to become a member (Yes, this is a site just for members). Members get access to sales and can receive custom alerts by email of sales of the brands who are interested MyPerfectSale crawls the web — look at Amazon, Nieman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Zappos, Piperlime and other sites — to find say it they are "best" prices and promotions so that its members are "the first to know" when an item goes on sale. Invitation to tender is not involved, sales are made in one-take-it - or leave it basis for price asking the seller of items. MyPerfectSale concentrated the 28 clothing and fashion accessories categories, including shoes, jeans, tops, trousers, intimate, jewellery, and several others.


What's to like: A fashion magazine created by the community, MyItThings goes beyond just shopping by giving you a virtual closet to show off what you have bought and a space to review your favorite products or even your favorite books, movies or music. It's a social shopping website and community-based dynamic magazine for the fashion-aware.

Kaboodle The shopping 2.0

What's to like: Kaboodle is a social network based on shopping and can put you in touch with other shoppers who have similar interests in products. Kaboodle also features product reviews, and as you grow to know the community, the product reviews become more relevant since you'll recognize some of the reviewers. A handy bookmark allows you to recommend your own products as you browse the web.traffic news