Purchasing products through connected devices is an activity that is gaining more users on websites

Best digital marketing to reach new entrepreneurs

Believe otherwise, in these times of estreches economic and little financial liquidity, if there is money for entrepreneurs better prepared. Maybe not through the natural channel of the request for credit to banks that are suffering the scourge of the crisis, but through the search for investors who bet their capital by an innovative and well thought-out project. The main investors of the agree that there are good ideas but are to be found and the main focus which needs to be improved in the entrepreneurs face is training. It is necessary to find appropriate tools to achieve the full potential of the products. On some occasions the entrepreneur begins its path thinking only about funding and diverted the focus of its original objective, the get clients.

A new survey of IBM says that 86 percent of consumers surveyed want to use technology  Internet, TV, video games and mobile  for shopping. In addition, 62 percent want to use mobile to perform transactions and eight out of ten ensures that social networks will allow them to save time when buying.

Therefore, the purchase of products through connected devices is one of the activities that increasingly gains more users. The possibility of acquiring any product that consumers want without having moved house and this product arrives at your home in a few days is a most striking idea for consumers.

That's why we are interested in sharing key elements to make a promotion for the online sale of any product. They are very simple to understand and easy to implement, so without wasting more time, come to the point.

Tips for digital marketing 
The best advertising is to speak well of thee Benetton has understood since always and perhaps pioneer in this respect. The way to promote the brand has been for most of us in bad taste. Advertising has sought in most cases create a shock and create a scandal. Although to me personally this kind of marketing not me like, it seems to work for the Italian company.

The most recent case was the campaign of the Loewe brand. Even if you have created a negative viral marketing on Twitter, I don't think that within your target audience has had the same effect. All those who have mocked the brand does not feel identified, have helped Loewe hit with more force to his target of young people with parents of money.

Consumers not already sold, buy us do not like that we go into a shop and ask us "Can I help you?". If I need to know something, now I do you know. The consumer does not accept aggressive advertising messages. Wants to be seduced.

The era of sellers is dead, now they are at the helm buyers. That does not mean that we have to bury the "traditional" advertising. It only means that we have to be more patient and more creative when it comes to promote our products.

Not sell, let you sell: social networking direct marketing does not work. There are exceptions such as the example of Dell but this example is that everyone uses and no relevant new ones have emerged. Make use of indirect marketing sharing information of interest and helping to resolve doubts and problems from other users.

Not communicating, conversation: social networks serve not only to distribute your press releases. If you do a more extensive use of this do not get the desired effect of distribution. Keep in mind that communication has to go in both directions. Focus on bring added value at 80% of your messages and be authentic so that 20% of corporate communication messages have good reception.

Use incentives another marketing strategy to retain customers and to attract a greater number of them is to use sales promotions or incentives.

For example, we could offer a discount people who printed a coupon published in our web site and that present it us at the time to visit us.

We give our clients a card partner or vip card with which you can have access to certain benefits such as special discounts.

Or, we could make use of cumulative points cards, where customers will accumulate points to purchase our products or services, and which then accumulate certain amount of points to redeem them for other products.

Give advertising another strategy to retain and attract customers is to give away promotional items that have with the name or logo of our brand.

These advertising them could give to all our clients, or only to some, for example, our main customers or those that comply with a certain number of purchases. As these Council advertising should be related with the rotation of our company, and be useful for our target audience; We must also avoid items cheap and of poor quality, because we could give a bad image of our company.

The use of advertising will allow us to be close to our customers, constantly remind our brand or company, and draw the attention of potential customers other than who owns the article.

It is very important in terms of promotions in general, choosing a special product that we (the best-selling, the most wanted, that more room let us, etc) and promote it uniquely. In this way, we can have control over the promotion and our customer is tempted to buy what we want to buy. An attractive product will make sure our online promotion has a very high response from our customers.

Give a benefit clearly, a promotion should be given an exclusive benefit to our customers. If not we can give you a benefit to our customers then we are not doing a promotion, but that we would be simply advertising our products.

There are many types of benefits that we can offer in our online store. One of the most typical is the cost of shipping of our products, we can reduce it by a percentage or to give free shipping. Another possible benefit could be a discount in any of our products or a set of products. We also have the classic "two to one", where we can offer clients that carried two products for the price of one. This last benefit is often interesting to products that are not very sold.
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